MOLECULAR FARMING - (Plant Biopharming) - "Globally worth $80 Billion by 2025"

This international website is for Students, Farmers and the general Public. It is an information and research resource for this exciting industry, from PMPs - plant made pharmaceuticals and 'edible' vaccines to GMO biodegradable plastics and the expanding field of GMO biofuels.
We invite all farmers who, after careful study of their country's regulations, would be willing to train to become future contract growers, or who could lease or sell suitable land, to join the
Global Database

Brian Marshall,'s webmaster, has a review and list of PMPs in clinical trials globally, and PMIPs in development. First presented at FinMed2006, and updated since - read it HERE


Use the tabs below to learn about how Molecular Farming, and its' Non-Food Use GMOs. will improve health and well-being worldwide, and help with Global environmental problems.
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Biopharmaceutical Companies: please see ''For Pharma''.  We are now offering virtually free use of our Contract Grower Database to help you locate potential growers in Environmentally Safe locations.