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This information on Molecular Farming patents has been given to by the FAAR Biotechnology Group Inc. which provides industry, government, universities and legal counsel with expert advice, consultation and evaluation of biotechnology research, business opportunities and intellectual property matters.
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Patents of inventions that are of use to Molecular Farming

Issued patents are differentiated from applications in that applications are italicized.

Armstrong, K., Woolsey, A. T., Pareddy, D. R., Ruth-Wilson, B. C., Hey, T. D., Smith, K. A., Folkerts, O., US 6,410,828, June 25, 2002, Regulatory sequences useful for gene expression in plant embryo tissue, Dow AgroSciences Inc., (maize metallothionine promoter)

Arnison, P. G., Robert, L., Fabijanski, S. F., Schernthaner, J., CA 2354195, pub Dec 22, 1999, Methods and genetic compositions to limit outcrossing and undesired gene flow in crop plants, Dow AgroSciences, (segregation of lethal gene and repressor) also US20020069425

Atabekov, J., Dorokhov, Y., Ivanov, P., Skulachev, M., Rodionova, N., Karpova, O., US 6,376,745, April 23, 2002, Methods for coexpression of more than one gene using at least one internal ribosome entry site (IRES), (Icon Genetics?)

Atabekov, J., Korpela, T., Dorokhov, Y., Morozov, S., US 6,573,427, June 3, 2003, Recombinant construct for enhancement of gene expression in plants, ( viral elements and polymerase), (Icon Genetics?)

Borysyuk, M., Borysyuk, L., Raskin, I., US 6,100,092, Aug 8 , 2000, Materials and methods for amplifying polynucleotides in plants, Rutgers Univ. /Phytomedics,(amplification sequence)

Borysyuk, M., Borysyuk, L., Raskin, I., US 6,355,860, Mar 12, 2002, Materials and methods for amplifying and enhancing transcribing of polynucleotides in plants and portions thereof, Rutgers Univ. /Phytomedics,(amplification sequence)

Cerff, R., During, K., Hehl, R., Kohler, U., US 6,194,201, Feb 27, 2001, Expression system for anaerobic gene expression in higher plants, MPB Cologne., (potato)

Chaudhary, S., Van Rooijen, G., Moloney, M. M., WO 0116340, pub Mar 8, 2001, Flax seed specific promoters, SemBioSys Genetics Inc

Dellaporta, S. L., Moreno, M. A., US20020144305, pub Oct 3, 2002, Methods and compositions to reduce or eliminate transmission of a transgene, (block of gene transmission via pollen)

During, K., Wenderoth, I., WO 0155434, pub Aug 2, 2001, Inhibition of carbohydrate-modified enzymes in host organisms, MPB Cologne, (glycosylation)

During, K., WO 0173085, pub Oct 4, 2001, Expression vectors for concentrating a recombinantly produced protein in different cell compartments, MPB Cologne

Fabijanski, S. F., Arnison, P. G., EP 1141350, pub Oct 10, 2001, Methods and genetic compositions to limit -outcrossing and gene flow in crop plants, Dow AgroSciences

Fujiyama, K., Seki, T., Yoshida, T., WO 02057468, pub July 25, 2002, Method for secretory production of glycoprotein having human-type sugar chain using plant cell, (glycosylation via human galactose transfer enzyme)

Hadlaczky, G., Szalay, A. A., US 6,025,155, Feb 15, 2000, Artificial chromosomes, uses thereof and methods for preparing artificial chromosomes, Chromos Molecular Systems, (Agrisoma).

Hadlaczky, G., Szalay, A. A., US 6,077,697, June 20, 2000, Artificial chromosomes, uses thereof and methods for preparing artificial chromosomes, Chromos Molecular Systems, (Agrisoma).

Herman, S. R., Becker, D. K., Dale, J. L., Dugdale, B., Hafner, G. J., WO0172996, pub Oct 4, 2001, A construct capable of release in closed circular form from a larger nucleotide sequence permitting site specific expression and/or developmentally regulated expression of selected genetic sequences, Queensland Univ of technology, (Farmacule)

Huang, N., Hwang, Y-S., Yang, D., Schmidt, R. J., WO0183792, pub Nov 8, 2001, Plant transcription factors and enhanced gene expression, Applied Phytologics, (enhanced seed expression)

Jilka, J. M., Hood, E. E., Howard, J. A., WO 0194394, pub Dec 13, 2001, Novel plant promoter sequences and methods of use for same, Prodigene, (maize ubiquitin promoter)

Luo, S., Copenhaver, G., Keith, K., Preuss, D., US 6,649,347, Nov 18, 2003, Use of methylated nucleic acid segments for isolating centromere DNA, Chromatin, (artificial chromosome)

Raskin, I., Haran, S., US 6,544,789, April 8, 2003, Phosphorus-controllable recombinant expression of polypeptides in plants, Rutgers Univ. (Phytomedics)

Klimyuk, V., Benning, G., Eliby, S., Gleba, Y., WO 0210160, pub Dec 19, 2002, Processes and vectors for producing transgenic plants, Icon Genetics, (IRES)

Klimyuk, V., Ivanov, P., Marillonnet, S., Zenk, M., Gleba, Y., WO 02097080, pub Dec 5, 2002, Amplification vectors based on trans-splicing, Icon Genetics

Klimyuk, V., Kuchuk, N., WO 0111020, pub Feb 15, 2001, Method of making plant artificial chromosomes, Icon Genetics

Preuss, D., Copenhaver, G., US 6,156,953, Dec 5, 2000, Plant artificial chromosome compositions and methods, Univ of Chicago, (Chromatin)

Rodriguez, R. L., Huang, N., , US 6,284,956, Sept 4, 2001, Plant selectable marker and plant transformation method, Applied Phytologics, (rice beta-glucanase) also WO9967406

Sundaresan, V., Hong, Y., WO 0216624, Feb 28, 2002, Reduction of transmission of transgenes in plants, Inst of Molecular Agrobiology

Vezina, L. P., D'Aoust, M-A., Arcand, F., WO 0236786, pub May 10, 2002, Method of selecting plant promoters to control transgene expression, Medicago

Werner, S., Marillonnet, S., Klimyuk, V., Gleba, Y., WO 02096192, pub Dec 5, 2002, Process of producing environmentally safe transgenic organisms, Icon Genetics, (two components for gene segregate)

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